Monday, January 12, 2015

Skate News

     In most recent Skate News, Wes Kramer snatched 2014's Skater of The Year last month. Parts have been coming out left and right, starting with Tired's first video, then onto Franky Villani's "November"part, then came Max Geronzi's "Excuse my French" and Ronnie Sandoval's "Living Free". Last week, Toy Machine bumped Jeremy Leabres up to pro status . While Thrasher's King of 2014 The Road winner was Birdhouse....again. Also,  the All City Showdown contest has started up with NYC, Seattle, and Chicago. Additionally, Transworld's 17th annual skate awards consisted mainly of Aaron Herington winning Rookie of The Year, Enjoi winning Best Team, Wes Kramer winning Reader's Choice, Dylan Rieder winning Best Video Part in his from his performance in Supreme's "cherry" .  2014  was definitely a great year and hopefully 2015 is full of more amazing skateboarding!

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